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27 may 2012

More than 6000 rowers in 1650 boats took in the Vogalonga 2011.

The Vogalonga is an act of love for Venice and its waters, for its lagoon and its islands, for rowing and its boats. The Vogalonga retains over time its original purpose: to disseminate knowledge, awareness and respect for the essence and culture of our city.
The Vogalonga is a celebration for the entire ‘people of the oar,’ and today, just as in the beginning, it is a peaceful testimony against the wave-motion, so dangerous for the city and the lagoon.
The Vogalonga embraces local history and traditions, but also features an international dimension, bringing amateurs from all over the world together with the locals who spend their time in the lagoon, as well as belong to the lagoon.
The Vogalonga is born out of the fondness and perseverance of a group of Venetians who, for over thirty years, have keept it alive in a completely non-profit way and thanks to the cooperation of the public administration and with the full support of the world of rowing.


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