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Our apartment is located 10-12  minutes from Santa Lucia train station and only 6-8 minute from Piazzale Roma, as it shows in the following map.
The address is : Calle Stretta, 2286 Dorsoduro - Venezia. The apartment is at the first floor on the right.
We suggest you to click, edit and print the map below.
From Piazzale Roma go in Fondamenta Cossetti straight until fondamenta dei Cereri and there you turn right. At the end of fondamenta dei Cereri, there is a small bridge called Ponte Storto, Once crossed turn at your right and you are in Fondamenta delle Arzere.
Turn left and keep going until Corte Larga and you are arrived.
If you ask information is better to ask for Fondamente Arzere, and there you find easily Corte Larga. Editable versione here

La Galea - Venezia

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La Galea propose an offer for this summer, in a villa in one of the most stunning places in Sardinia, just sea front.

We have the last two week (the first two week of July) at € 700 / week in a stunning villa sea front in the bay of Porto Conte in Sardinia.

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