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Reach Venice

Venice is easily reachable with any transportation. For those that are visiting other places in Italy we suggest you the train because the station is in the old town and quickly you can enjoy of it.
Just ten kilometers norther then Venice there is the Marco Polo's airport that deserve the city with national and internationals fly. Is very well connected with the city with buses, navette, taxy (consider the trip about 20-40 minute, depend of the trafic condition)  and also taxy-boat that bring you directly to Venezia directly by the sea.
You can also arrive by car, but we suggest to avoid that, Infact when you arriving there you can stop only in Piazzale Roma but often your hotel can be a little far from there. So in case you are with your car,could be wise leave it in Mestre and take the train or the bus to the final step for Venice.If instead you want to go by car, you have to know that Venice is easy to reach by car using these highways and motorways. Just follow the detailed road signs.

The motorways to drive to get to Venice are: the SS 11 from Padua-Turin (Brentana-Padana), the SS 13 from Treviso (Terraglio), the SS 14 from Trieste (Triestina) and the SS 309 from the Adriatic Coast (Romea). The highways to drive in order to arrive to Venice are: the A 4 from Turin or from Trieste, the A 13 from Bologna and the A 27 from Belluno.

Below a list of useful references and phones number:

Autorimessa Comunale ASM: tel. +39 041 2727211, daily rate € 24,00.

Garage San Marco: phone +39 041 5232213, price per day: 30,00 euros.

Park S. Andrea (ex ACI): tel. +39 041 2727304, € 4,50 every two hours.

Autopark Doge: telephone +39 041 5202489, daily rate € 38,00.

Autorimessa Toderini: phone +39 041 5207979, 18 euros per day.

Garage Venezia: telephone +39 041 5228725, closed in the night.

In Venice and Mestre are available some free car parking areas for disabled people. It's possible to book in advance: ph. +39 041 2727301. Informa Handicap offers assistance to disable visitors in Venice, please contact +39 041 2748144.

      Aeroporto Marco Polo,Tessera Venezia - Ph. 041.2606111
      losts luggages office - Ph. 041.2609222
      infoline - Ph. 041.2609260


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