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For our guest we try to publish the most important events in Venezia. For the details and adresses, we invite you to read also the infos section here


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Posted Tuesday 26 October 2010 - 15:11 (read 20933 times)
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last minute from 3 octobre to 9 octobre

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we make a special offer to our reader of  6 night in our apartment in the old Venice at € 500* until 4 pax. Only for the days from 3 to 9 October 2010.

To have more details please contact us here


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sabato 17 luglio 2010 ... Festa del Redentore a Venezia

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La manifestazione è un incrocio di significati religiosi e folcloristici, infatti vuole essere un segno di ringraziamento per aver superato la tremenda pestilenza che si abbattè nel sedicesimo secolo in città, ed un occasione ideale per creare un magico clima di festa a Venezia, con tanto di cena e parata in barca in notturna, e fuochi d’artificio ad illuminare a giorno il Bacino di San Marco.

Posted Friday 23 April 2010 - 20:55 (read 22219 times)
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Coming soon, THE FESTA DELLA SENSA in Venice, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May 2010

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The Festa della Sensa (Ascension day), in the lastest centuryes it has played a important role.  expected festivity.The history recalls to the memory the city's marriage to the sea. The Doge, throwing a gold ring in the water, remembered the Serenissima Republic's dominion over the sea. Today the rite is substituted by a twinship with a city or a geographic area that has had a special historical relationship with Venice. La Sensa is also a water parade, in Venetian row style, by the local rowing club.

Posted Saturday 03 April 2010 - 02:33 (read 23071 times)
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La biennale di Venezia edizione 2009

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La Biennale di Venezia

Since 1895 The Venice Biennale has for over a century been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. Ever since its foundation in 1895, it has been in the avant-garde, promoting new artistic trends and organising international events in contemporary arts. It is world-beating for the International Film Festival, for the International Art Exhibition and for the International Architecture Exhibition, and continues the great tradition of the Festival of Contemporary Music, the Theatre Festival, now flanked by the Festival of Contemporary Dance.

The origin

Headed by its mayor, Riccardo Selvatico, the Venetian City Council passed a resolution on 19th April 1893 to set up a biennial exhibition of Italian art, to be inaugurated on 22nd April 1894. However, the event took place in 1895, two years later than it had been planned. On 30th April, the 1st International Art Exhibition was inaugurated.

A must see. More information here or in the main site .

Posted Tuesday 17 November 2009 - 13:50 (read 35413 times)
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Leonardo da Vinci a Venezia

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le Macchine di LeonardoLe macchine di Leonardo - Leonardo's machines exhibition

From/dal 01/10/2008 to/al 31/12/2009
Chiesa di San Barnaba
Address/Indirizzo: Dorsoduro 2771 - 30123 Venezia 9.30-19.30, tutti i giorni

The exhibition is made up of about 40 models placed on cubes or wooden foot-boards; the flying machines are connected with a wooden framework; explanations are placed next to the machines with the drawing taken from the code which the model refers to.

Posted Thursday 05 November 2009 - 17:07 (read 17338 times)
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