Your home in Venice


In the list above we offer a selection of turistic and cultural indications, useful to our guests.
We also want to give you some useful indication to better organize your stay.

Check in and out.

The check in is preview after 13.30. For the cleaning time, we need at least two hours, then we are asking to our guest to check out before the 11:30.
Often our guest has train or fly in the evening or late afternoon, and they ask if we can keep the bags, in the apartment until they departure. We can say that is possible only in the case the apartment is not rented, otherwise we can not, but we suggest you to put the baggages one of the following left-luggage:

  • In Santa Lucia Train Station. There is a office specifically for that close to the platform n.1 (the right side entering the train station), it's open every day from 6 to 24, and in case you need more information check the Left Luggage web page;
  • The Piazzale Roma (where buses and taxis enter and leave Venice). See Cooperativa Trasbaglia Venezia's English-language Where We Are page, which lists current hours;
  • The arrivals hall of Venice Marco Polo Airport, near the post office. Click here for hours and rates.

During your stay.

We please you to take note and acept the following rules so that can facilitate your stay.
We put in evidence that the main structure of the house is in wood even if is not visible, also that are built around 1900, are not perfectly insulated against the noise even after the recently restyling work.
Accordingly, it must pay close attention to the risk of fire (avoid smoking in the house, gas closed when not in use, etc.), and noise products for the sake of peace with the neighbors.
Following an order of the municipality is obliged to carry the waste bins respecting the collection. Find them just going along the Calle Larga  and in Fondamenta delle Arzere turn to the right and crossing the first bridge that you see on the left.

Based on the above, please:

  • At the arrival, take a look at local and how the boiler for heating, if you're in the winter;
  • Do not provide unnecessary noise, especially after the 22;
  • Have respect for the neighborhood;
  • No smoking inside the house, or the window;
  • Avoid going out with the kitchen on;
  • Check before going out or going to bed that the gas is closed;
  • Bring the waste to the dumpster.

Just below other references that can help you during your stay:

APT - (Association for Tourist Information)
      Castello, 4421-Venezia tel. 041.5298711
      S.Marco, 4090 - Venezia - Ph. 041.2748787